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Hi there 👋 , I'm Haoxiang Sun (孙浩翔), a first-year undergraduate at Turing Experimental Class in Renmin University of China, majoring in Computer Science. With great interest in economics, I am also pursuing a minor in Finance at Gaoli Experimental Class hosted by Hillhouse Academy.

My current interests are in large language models (LLMs), particularly in enhancing their mathematical abilities. I'm also eager to dive deeper into machine learning theory, so I'm currently learning on topics such as the PAC learning framework, VC-Dimension, and so on.

Please refer to the links below to get more detailed information about my academic performances.

CV (Chinese, upd on 2024.04.07)     CV (English, comming soon)     Transcript (Chinese)


* Co-leading the project.    Equal contribution ordered by name.    Corresponding author.

[ACL 2024 Demo] LLMBox: A Comprehensive Library for Large Language Models

Tianyi Tang*, Yiwen Hu*, Bingqian Li, Wenyang Luo, Zijing Qin, Haoxiang Sun, Jiapeng Wang, Shiyi Xu, Xiaoxue Cheng, Geyang Guo, Han Peng, Bowen Zheng, Yiru Tang, Yingqian Min, Yushuo Chen, Jie Chen, Yuanqian Zhao, Luran Ding, Yuhao Wang, Zican Dong, Chunxuan Xia, Junyi Li, Kun Zhou, Wayne Xin Zhao, Ji-Rong Wen

  • Unified data interface that supports flexible implementation of various training strategies

  • Comprehensive evaluation that covers extensive tasks, datasets and models

  • More practical consideration specially on user friendliness and efficiency

Honors and Awards

  • Silver Medal, Chinese Mathematical Olympiad, 2022


  • 2023.09 - 2027.06     B.Eng. in Computer Science (Major) , Renmin University of China

  • 2024.09 - 2027.06     B.Econ. in Finance (Minor) , Renmin University of China